Tea moments help transition us from the peaceful stillness of the mat to the chaotic noise and stress of the world outside the studio door.

You can prepare your tea in your Libre glass before your session – add a few ice cubes, put on the lid, grab your mat and head out the door. As you enjoy your yoga practice your tea will steep and chill.

Depending on when your session is, morning, afternoon or evening, you might like to choose a tea that fits the time of day. A matcha, chai, ginger or black tea are perfect for the morning, giving you the energy to work through the day. Green or white teas work well for afternoon sessions and perhaps an herbal tea such as jasmine, lavender, licorice or chamomile would be a great choice for evening classes.

LLL Guy Gabriel skiing
Carrying my Libre Travel Tea Cup with me as I travel from yoga studios, to corporate gyms, and private clients insures me that I’m getting my dose of healing herbal medicines. As an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher my job is to teach others how to cultivate a routine that promotes health and balance to ones unique constitution.”

Guy Gabriel
Libre Leading Light

The tradition of combining yoga and tea has been going on for centuries. You will find that many yoga teachers like to create their own herbal blends for their classes.

Sharing tea with your fellow yogis helps create bonding and harmony; deepening the overall experience.

What teas would/do you drink after a yoga class?

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Comments (32)

  1. Bonnie Cantrell


    I haven’t gone to a yoga class yet but I drink mother’s milk tea a lot. πŸ™‚

  2. Bev


    All choices mentioned are divine! My personal fav is matcha green tea with a bit of lemon and honey ☺️

  3. Vilma Pacheco


    Chamomile tea with honey is my preferred drink after a yoga class.

  4. Jennifer D.


    Jasmine green is absolutely my favorite no matter time of day or time of year.

  5. Denise


    my fav is pear green tea with fennel which gives it a touch of licorice taste and ad a drop of fennel oil for more licorice flavour

  6. Eva Schmidt


    I enjoyed an almond oolong tea in my Libretto mug after a great yoga class today.

  7. Marygrace


    I would enjoy something hot & sweet like an Oolong w/ stevia, this helps me relax & feel good

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